Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Speech Assessment

Back in the spring when I took the kids to the pediatrician for their annual checkups, she recommended that I take Rz for a speech assessment.  She thought that he should be a bit more understandable at his age so I obediently made an appointment with the health unit.  I wasn't really concerned myself, but a person can miss things if you totally tune out the "professionals"!

After pretty thorough testing the speech language pathologist said that she had absolutely no concerns about Rz's speech or hearing.  Of course he doesn't speak like an adult, but he is, after all just three years old. After waiting all this time for an appointment, it was over and done with in about 45 minutes.

The fingers kept going in the mouth for some reason.

Once he got over his initial bashfulness, Rz seemed to really enjoy his time with the therapist.  He liked playing the hearing game, where he would put a block in the box every time he heard a beep.