Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Science Center

We made it to the Science Center yesterday - all five kids and me.  Since it's been awhile since we've been there, there were a few fresh exhibits, which was a relief to my jaded field trip Mom self!  (If you're a homeschooling mom, admit it - there are only so many times you can be thrilled with our local Science Center!)  

There was an awesome wildlife rescue temporary exhibit, with a ton of interactive activities related to helping our wildlife friends.  I especially liked the little movie about the orangutangs in Borneo and elephants in Kenya.  Kia got herself a free poster of Jane Goodall and was quite excited indeed.  Ry's favorite activity was a tactile game simulating a mama condor feeding her little chicks.  

Replacing the old permanent exhibit of a police crime scene (which always went over my head!) was a really cool display about GPS technology and geocaching!  Geocaching is something I think is a really cool concept but I haven't taken the time to even understand fully to this point.  So I was more excited than the kids to explore this exhibit!

Then upstairs, another temporary exhibit featuring Kinex building toys with the theme of Thrill Rides.  Lots to look at and ooh and ahh over, then tables of the building parts to make your own creations.  I was pleasantly surprised that while the kids had fun with this, there was no begging for me to buy them the expensive kits that were for sale.  We gave away our Kinex collection awhile back to another family and I have no desire to restart collecting another type of toy!

We managed to catch the 12 pm showing about the Aurora Borealis on the full dome star screen.  A beautiful show, but I will confess that in the lovely warm darkness of the theatre, in a comfy lay-back chair, this mama caught more than a few zees!  

Today I'm planning a full afternoon in service while the kids go play with friends at their house and tomorrow, back to some intense housecleaning which has gotten neglected the past few days.  I'm just a few hours behind on my 30 hour pioneer commitment for this month, and I'm looking forward to catching up!