Saturday, August 30, 2014

Running Bare

My chiropractor has become also my running coach.  My lower back is feeling so much better with proper posture and the strengthening exercises he prescribed.  Kia wants me to be her running partner and I am determined that we will do this together.

Because my toes go numb in ordinary shoes when I run, I prefer the Vibram "toe shoes".  My toes can wriggle around to their heart's content.  Dr. Yee had me wear the shoes and videotaped me running on the treadmill so he could analyze my gait and posture.

Little did I know that my stride was continually crossing the midline, causing huge stress on my knees and showing up weak hips.  He said that if I had been running like that I would have inevitably torn something in my knee.  (My aching back kept me from that fate!)  So I'm practicing this awkward new way of walking/running.  As I go along I'm reciting to myself - "Knees apart.  Tiny steps.  Land on the ball of the foot."  I must look hilarious!  And I don't really care.