Thursday, August 21, 2014

Front Rose Garden

Look how crazy my roses have grown!  This spring they were shivering, dried out little twigs peeking up from the landscape fabric.  I wasn't even sure they had made the winter until they started greening up and sprouting a leaf here and there.  Now look at em!  

If you are a rose gardener yourself, please tell me when I can start trimming them back into shape.  They've all finished blooming for the year.  They are all kinds of different varieties, so some are tall and lanky and others are sprawling all over the place, but all are lush and green.

A funny little surprise happened this growing season.  The new mulch we put down must have had a few pea pods in it somehow.  Because here and there we got luxuriant volunteer pea vines that grew lovely, edible green pods.