Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friends With Horses

On Wednesday afternoon we paid a visit to our friend Donna.  She lives on a small farm and has a wonderful assortment of animals that we delighted in.  The kids were busy taking photos here there and everywhere.

These first photos were the ones Kia took.

So nice to be with horses again.  I'm such a farm girl at heart.

Found myself some new dogs to love.  Ever met a Catahoula Leopard Dog you didn't like?  Me neither, all two of em.  They took turns nuzzling me and sitting on my lap.  All the more satisyfying when I found out after the fact that they are supposed to be big tough guard dogs and that they've frightened off a few people in the past.  Made me feel like such a loveable dog person!

Renzo, rolling around in the tall, green grass.  A good case for spending as little as possible on kids' clothes!

Brad and Donna with their baby girl.  Keepers of these beautiful animals.

The next photos are by Ry.