Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites

I'm spending my day on the couch, using a day of the achey-tired flu to get caught up on my blog reading.  I subscribe to a number of other blogs I find inspirational or have something to learn from.  May I share a few of my favorite posts with you today?

Courtney Carver's latest post on getting started on simplifying at Be More With Less.  Baby steps.

Love this post from Katie at Making This Home about sharing their passions with baby.  (They live in a remodeled airplane hangar.  How cool is THAT!)

Then a useful post from Little House Living on preparing for a power outage.

A guest post by Elsie Callender of Richly Rooted, writing at Keeper of the Home about minimizing their belongings as they prepare to move to a small cabin in Alabama.

If you enjoy these links, let me know!  If all goes well, I'd like to make Friday Favorites a regular feature - cuz there's just so much to learn out there!

In the meantime, here's the nice little lunch my #1 Son made for his sickie Mom today.  Love that boy!