Friday, August 8, 2014

Folk Music Festival

We took the bus down to Gallagher Park last night for the Folk Music Festival.  Our first time there, we weren't sure what to expect, especially with three kids in tow.  However, since kids under 12 were free and babysitters being as scarce as they are, we decided to chance it.

We brought a picnic, a blanket to sit on, and an iPad to distract those of us unable to cope with the combo of large crowds and loud music.

Rz napped on the blanket for the first hour or so and Ry played games on the iPad under a makeshift tent he made from a small blanket and an overturned chair.  Kia reveled in the music, got painted up as a panda and then cuddled up with Mommy until dark and we bussed home, exhausted.

Happily, the music was fabulous, the sky view was fantastic and we all had a great time.