Sunday, August 31, 2014

Down By the River Again

At 2:10 pm, J and I had met our time commitment for August field service and we all went home for a nap! Afterward, we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening splashing about in the shallow edge of the river by the off-leash dog park. 

I love that we frequent dog parks so often that Rz will go up to a pitbull dog bigger than himself and with the owner's permission, give it a hug or a pat and get a big happy lick in response.  He's been knocked down more than once too, but never seems to mind much. 
Ry on his favorite perch

"Look Mom!  I'm Ariel!"

Choosing to stay dry and mud-free

Domino always turns back to make sure his adopted Mama doesn't get left behind!
Even thistles are beautiful when they're not in your veggie garden!

My kids are never so joyful as in the big outdoors, splashing about in a river or trekking through the bush.  I know where they get that gene!