Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Smile I Love

This little boy warms my heart daily.  Probably not in the midst of one his melt-downs, the shrieking fests protesting me not doing whatever it is he has intended, usually something he is very capable of doing for himself.  I won't go into all the nuances of these little tantrums that happen most days.  

But we are making progress.  The tantrums are getting shorter as he realizes that Mommy is not backing down.  

He has incredible sweetness and love in that little heart.  When I wake up to his soft little hand caressing my cheek or have him wrap his arms around my neck so tight and he says "I love you Mommy.  I love you sooo much."  How close he snuggles into my side when we sit together reading a book or waiting for something.  The adorable smirk and sparkle in his eyes when he catches my attention unexpectedly.  

And the expressions he comes up with as his vocabulary increases!  Yesterday we were driving and he points to my purse.  "Mommy?  You got you bye-bye bag?"  Took me a second, then I realized how much sense it made.  That bag Mommy always takes when we go Bye-bye, right?  At this moment he's holding up my iPad and insisting, "Do a password!  Do a password!"  So I'd better go give my little family the attention they need.