Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tree Huggers

We have been looking forward to the sale at Ellerslie Greenhouses and today was the day.  My mom, Kia and I set out with the intention of seeing if pear trees would be on sale.  My reasoning was that we have all the fruits that grow here except a pear...what can I say?  Some girls feel the same way about shoes as I feel about trees!  

Then as we scoped out the 15% discounted fruit trees, I discovered not only pears, but two varieties of apricot that grow in our gardening zone here!  And you couldn't choose just one; they required another type in order to pollinate.  I can't believe I managed to get three fruit trees ranging from about 6 to 10 feet in the back of our mini van!

Taking a break from digging tree holes.

Happy to be outside.

One more splurge.  Vogue Ginger climbing vine.  Such a lovely addition to my outdoor retreat!

P.S.  I have become aware that there are also hardy kiwis and figs that will grow here...