Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sciatic Flossing

I visited a new chiropractor/physiotherapist this morning for my chronic lower back pain.  His analysis was that there is no real damage but rather, nerve memories that keep sending pain signals to my brain even though old injuries have healed.  Profound, don't you think?  What if our emotional memories do the same thing?  Ahhh, the science of neuroplasticity!  I love it.

Dr. Yee's first order of business:  my posture!  I was sent home with orders to keep my pelvis tucked in properly and to do the prescribed sciatic nerve "flossing" exercises on an hourly basis.  

Because Dr. Yee's office is in a part of Old Strathcona I'm not too familiar with, there were all sorts of visual treats for me.  Like the flowers in front of this Indian restaurant, for one.