Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reuse Center -Approach With Caution!

The city's Reuse Center reopened this week.  Huge, bright and clean new location on Argyll Road- super close to Millwoods, and with free parking!  This just may be the nemesis to my otherwise Minimalist preferences.  I think I recently mentioned my weakness for crafting supplies, especially with a price tag of $5 for anything you can carry (up to 50 kg).

So I took the kids over this afternoon to see what there was to be seen.  Well, besides all the interesting things that we DIDNT bring home, I snagged a big bag of zippers for the sewers in my extended family, a carton of unused tealight candles, a couple crafting things for my stash (just the bare minimum, honest!) and quite a swack of homeschool supplies.  See below:

About a dozen Highlights and Click children's magazines.

Grades 4, 5 and 6 unused summer academic activity books.

Six hardcover children's books, including the classic, "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry".  Which I may save til they're a touch older.

A complete set of Mr. Mugs readers.  MR. MUGS!  The beloved dog we learned to read with in grade one.  Happy surprise!

Five Boxcar Children paperbacks, one of the only series we actually collect besides Calvin and Hobbes.

Aaaaaand... (Drumroll, please) a cherished and out of print book I've been seeking, for ages.  When I was a teenager deep in the throes of "When I grow up I want to be a missionary in Peru", but feeling stuck on a farm in northern Alberta, I would repeatedly check this book out of the school library and pore over its pages, imagining myself in my future missionary assignments.  

Yup, $5 for all of the above.  J's stipulation was that we have to drop just as much off at the Reuse Center as we bring home.  So when we are done using any of the above, back it goes to be Reused.  Perhaps accompanied by a few other items that have outlived their usefulness at our house.