Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daily Bouquet

My Uncle Wayne walked into the kitchen the other night and was staring in a puzzled way at the kitchen table.  "That jug!" he said.  "It's so familiar to me..."  I was delighted to tell him that it was indeed, the enamelled jug that Granny had poured milk at the breakfast table for her 12 children.  

While I certainly don't hoard nostalgic keepsakes, there's a couple of items I do treasure.  This chipped old metal jug and one of Granny's old violins that I keep hung on the wall as decoration are two of them.

Granny Sylvia, my mom's mom, is remembered by the crocheted work here on the table.  Even though she didn't make this particular one, she crocheted many just like it.  The other two things that represent her in my mind and my home is books, and flowers.  All flowers, but especially geraniums and roses.  

Both my grandmas were strong and wise in their unique ways.  Capable keepers of the home, hard workers and loved their children fiercely.  I hope to be a little of both of them.