Thursday, July 24, 2014

Berry Pickin'

Domino is just tickled any time he gets to go anywhere with us.  It usually means getting to sit on my lap (his favorite) and go somewhere he can run!  If we don't keep the door to the garage shut, and we're getting ready to go somewhere, we will find him curled up happily in the front seat, ready to go whether he's invited or not.

Tonight we set off to check out this year's Saskatoon berry crop.  We had instructions and a rough map drawn by a friend, since we'd never been over to this area before.  We were pretty sure we were on the right track, when out of the bush popped the same friend who drew us the map a few days ago!  Instead of heading home, he turned around and took us back up the trail a few miles to show us exactly where to go.  

Such a wild and pretty walk!

There weren't that many berries this year, maybe the timing of our hot spell and not enough rain.  But we sure had a great walk and visit with our old friend.  And a few quarts of berries to enjoy on our porridge with cream.  Mmm.  

Who says country people have all the fun, hey?

And then it was time to get home before the storm came.