Monday, July 21, 2014

Airplane Museum

We had a couple hours to use as we saw fit today and based on The Littlest's love of airplanes, we headed over to the Aviation Museum near Kingsway.  Got some really cute photos just on my phone, but the light was low in the hangar, so they're a little fuzzy.  The kids' absolute favorite thing about the museum was anything they got to touch, climb into or push buttons on!

 We used our freshly purchased 2014 Edmonton Attractions Pass or this little outing would have cost us over $20.  The other attractions we'll be able to access with the pass:  Ukranian Village, Telus World of Science, Royal Alberta Museum, WEM Marinelife Caverns, Devonian Gardens, Leduc Energy Center, Castrol Speedway, Art Gallery, Valley Zoo, K-Days, Muttart Conservatory and Prairie Gardens out in Bon Accord.  The pass can be used until the end of December 2014, so our itinerary should be full all summer and into the official schooling months when field trips are a welcome break from routine.  

Just for convenience, I've cut and pasted the website here.