Monday, June 9, 2014

One Phone Less

Just emailed my mom the following, then thought I should let the rest of you know to call or text my cell from now on...

So we had a little accidente with the tv the other day... a loose shelf above the tv came crashing down on it.  (My first reaction?  Yessssss! Complete with inner fist pump.  You know how I feel about wasting time on tv when life (or books) is so much more interesting.)  
We watched Heartland and Amazing Race and Colombo as a family when it was on and J occasionally watched hockey.  Everything else was the kids watching educational shows, but we also have netflix on our computers too. 
Because we are not in the mood to spring for a new tv, we decided to drop our cable service as well as home phone and save ourselves over $50 per month. I also get to declutter another corner of the house from a broken tv and all the associated paraphernalia such as cable box, wii cords, DVD player...
So if you need to get hold of us, please text me anytime (I have unlimited) or we can talk if you call me after 6 or on weekends.  Just like the old days, hey?  J has his cell too.
Just wanted to let you know.  I think we have the home phone til this weekend as per billing cycle.
$51 per month to the old travel fund.  Woo hoo!

New use for the Tv shelf!