Sunday, June 22, 2014

Home, Garden and Family Edition

A fairly random assortment of the latest happenings.

Sweet Chica, getting ready for another school day.  Just 4 more days now!  Looks like we're all back to homeschooling for September, by everyone's vote.  Yay!  

New squishy teddy from Grandpa and Gramma's trip to New Mexico.

Fragrant and abundant lilacs despite my butcher/pruning job last year!  I want to build a new garden bench for this spot.

Watching big brother play.  A little input as well.

Beautiful roses in our front garden.  You've got to come see them!

Allium, and a photo-bombing Domino!  He is determined to rid the world of squirrels and magpies, starting in our yard.  If only trees were as easy to climb for him as chain link fences...

Daisy bouquets suspended in mason jars.  I'm such a farm girl at heart.  Ditto for below...

New summer valance for the kitchen, fashioned from a length of bed skirt!  I've got juuust enough left over to whip one up for the bathroom in our bedroom.

My dad, sister, aunt and uncle are all working on the nearby hall renovation, so we've had lots of company.  And a bus-camper in the driveway!  Even Domino is getting used to the new faces.

Listening to Mozart and doing some sketching in the shade of an apple tree.  Sweet life!