Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I've Been Up To

It's been awhile since last posting!  I've taken over the job of Marketing Director (doesn't that sound official and important?) for our selling-software home business.  Right now, of course, Joe is gainfully employed elsewhere besides keeping up with our business.  One of my big picture goals is to work side by side with him, making a living for our family, but we need some momentum.  So...

Besides teaching the kids and keeping the house from imploding, I've been going a little crazy, linking up with contacts on LinkedIN, doing online courses on selling and marketing, and setting up a software info and networking event for the construction industry.  Bluebeam Event

So glad to be able to be with my kids while doing all of the above.  And hopefully, in the not too distant future, with Joe too!  Our website is www.fusiontek.ca, currently under renovation!