Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Can't Be Global Warming

What an icky April day!  This is what I see out my window.

Let me tell you, it took every ounce of strength I had to get up this morning and get Kia off to school!

Not sure if I'm also fighting off some virus or other, because after a few weeks of incredible energy and productivity, I've been slacking since yesterday.  I came home from getting groceries, taking the boys to swim lessons and Kia to her OT appointment and went to bed, pulling the covers over my head and leaving the kids to the care of PBS television.  J made supper and a fire (see weather update above) and we watched a family movie.  Then I took Rz and went back to bed.  

Of course, the consequences of an unproductive yesterday are evidenced around me... Three baskets of laundry piled up to sort and put away.  Last night's supper dishes still undone.  General messiness, spotty bathrooms and 2013 personal taxes to complete. I guess it could be worse.

Nevertheless, I'm taking it easy this morning.  Here's a snapshot of what I'm up to.

Let's call it... educational research on a Professional Development Day.  With chai tea and a cuddly little boy tucked into the couch next to me.  And a big boy checking out the new-to-us website "" in the name of schooling.  Press pause...