Friday, April 25, 2014

Cleaning Arsenal

In my efforts to "go green", save money and reduce toxins for my family, my cleaning products arsenal has gotten quite a bit simpler.

I used Pink Solution in the past and when I saw it again at Costco a few months back I didn't hesitate.  (Found out since that you can also buy it online at or at London Drugs.) I can't find the reference now, but if my memory serves me, someone once told me that this an enzyme product actually manufactured from seaweed!  (Please correct me if you know differently!)

Here's how I use it:

Scoop out desired amount of the stiff jelly-like product and gently melt on the stove.  (We don't have a microwave.)  2/3 of a cup added to 4 Litres of hot water, stirred, add your choice of essential oils and you have about 4 Litres of awesome laundry detergent.  For laundry, I like Young Living lavender or lemon.

I also use this mixture for the bathroom soap pumps, often with a few drops of the Purification oils blend or Thieves blend, which is supposed to bump up your immunity too.  

In the kitchen, the diluted mixture is poured into a spray bottle for a general disinfectant and kitchen cleaner.  In the kitchen, I like lemon, grapefruit or lemongrass as a scent.  

We use it diluted in our steam cleaner, to get out upholstery and clothing stains and in the water bucket when washing the floor.  The manufacturer also says it is safe and effective for tile, wood, cement, fibreglass boats, etc. 

 I cut and pasted from their website: "Pink Solution is a natural enzyme cleaner, which when mixed with water, emulsifies dirt, grease and grime, and restores finishes to their natural state. This means that it will not only clean, but will actually brighten surfaces that most cleaners dull, such as stainless steel appliances and fiberglass bath and shower stalls. The enzymes will emulsify even the oldest stains, which means that so long as there are not permanent dyes involved, even the oldest of laundry and carpet stains will be removed. Also, it contains no chemicals, and can be inhaled, eaten and used without any gloves, with no ill effects.

Contents of Most Other Cleaners
Most other All Purpose Cleaners contain harmful and dangerous Ingredients. The most common ingredient in household cleaners is ammonia. It is a carcinogenic and stays in the air for up to 4 hours when sprayed in the house. Look on the ingredients of most household cleaners and you will see Ammonia. All chemical cleaners are caustic, and so they actually corrode the lungs when inhaled. Products which claim to be "magic" contain formaldehyde, which is one of the most carcinogenic chemicals known to man.

Pink Solution contains none of these chemicals, and is non-caustic.

Pink Solution also replaces all household cleaners, even laundry detergent, so when used as directed, it can last an average family up to 2 years, replacing every different cleaner they would normally purchase."

Too bad I'm not getting paid by Pink Solution company, hey?