Sunday, April 27, 2014

Borrowed From Instagram

Ry and Rz enjoy "recess" outside after Ry's math quiz.  

Lately Rz has been happily tagging along everywhere his big brother and sister go, so proud to be big enough to be included.

Waking up Saturday morning was a little rough, as you can see!  What I didn't know us that by evening both Rz and I would be laid low with a nasty little flu.  He was feverish and restless all last night but seemed fine this morning.  I didn't sleep well either, the aches and pains in my body and cranium kept me half awake and miserable.

I dozed on and off today with only enough energy to make it as far as the bathroom and back to bed.  But then mid afternoon, J was out raking the grass and insisted I bring my pillow and blanket outside.  What a treat!  The air was cool enough to make my quilt welcome but the sun was bright and warm for the first time in ages.  So I continued my rest out there.  

I'm dosing heavily with the Thieves blend of essential oils (dripped into a gelatin capsule) for immune boosting and Purification blend to rub on my neck for my aching throat.  PanAway on the temples for the headache and now just to ride this one out!