Monday, April 28, 2014

Art by Ry

Do I brag about my kids too much?  Cuz I'm about to tell you about Ry's amazing creative brain again.  This afternoon he found some art from a few years ago in an abandoned notebook and wanted to share it with me.  I love how he sees details, especially in nature. 

He will go off and putter quietly by himself for long spells.  A few days ago he found me in my office and asked if I wanted to do a Sudoku puzzle.  He had made it himself!  Sure it was a simple four-number sequence but the logic of figuring out how it worked and setting it up so it came out properly, is beyond the way my brain works!  I imagine his next goal is to set up the 9 square level.
The Grandpas on both family trees have been very generous with presents lately.  Grandpa M came bearing remote control cars and indoor helicopters the other day.  Of course the thrill turns to disappointment when small pieces malfunction or break, making a toy unusable.  Ry's creative brain doesn't stop.  
Last night he was overjoyed to demonstrate that he had designed a missing part out of Lego, allowing the helicopter blades to spin properly and lift off once again.  Then he decided that if he needs a part that Lego doesn't have a shape for, he will design it on the computer and have it printed on the 3D printer at the downtown library.  (Which actually is possible.)
The other Grandpa, Grandpa L, funded a hotly desired set of real walkie-talkies for the kids.  For the past week I have heard many sound bites like:  "Agent Fox-Ry, do you read me?  I repeat, Agent Fox-Ry, do you read me?"  We also have an Agent Kia, Agent Gummy Bears (Rz's code name, which always provokes peals of giggling) and home base - Mama Bear, being me.  Hours of fun in the backyard and at the playground.  
And the best part, it doesn't involve a computer or tv screen!