Thursday, March 27, 2014

What to Do?

The first few weeks were great.  Now I get to walk her to school crying every morning.  She hates getting up early, and thinks whatever we're doing for school at home with Ry would be ever so much nicer.  And she misses us.  
Everyone tells me to stick it out, that she'll get used to it.  But it really hurts dropping her off so upset every day.  Yesterday she came home in tears too; a boy kissed her in gym class and she freaked out not just a little.  (The school assures me it is being dealt with.) 
Positives:  her printing has improved a lot in just the past month, and I was happy to see she is on par with or ahead of her official grade 2 level, so that part isn't an issue.  She seems to get along with all 28 kids in her class.
We've told her she has to finish grade 2 in school, and we'll decide about returning to homeschool for her at that point.  Poor little chica, she needs some extra TLC these days.