Sunday, March 9, 2014

Trying to Simplify

love following blogs and reading library books on minimizing wants to live simply and frugally.  I'm no expert yet, but I'd say we are heading in the right direction!  I decided to list five things we've done in the past week or so to try and cut the clutter.  

1.  Got rid of several bags of crafting materials I'd been collecting in my sewing room/office (even though most were free) when I finally owned up to the fact that those projects I once envisioned simply weren't going to happen.

2.  Rearranged things in the kitchen to have clean and clear countertops other than the essentials. (Further organizing within the cabinets is still to be undertaken.)
3.  Had about six inches chopped off the length of my hair!  Ahh, feels so much lighter and I can style it from soaking wet from the shower in about 6 minutes.

4.  Purchased a concentrated, organic cleaner and made a quick batch of laundry soap and cleaning spray with just 1/3 cup of product.
5.  Went online and bought all the school clothes Kia needed from the clearance section of a store that had an additional 20% off and free shipping.  Although we tend to use mostly secondhand clothing, it was about a half hour of my time in the comfort of home to get her outfitted.  No poring through racks at Goodwill with three free spirited youngsters in tow; that's got to be worth something!  

What's your biggest simplification lately?