Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Big Cheese Caper

We go through lots of cheese at our house.  On a quick Costco trip to replace a pair of jeans, we happened to hit a big sale on cheese and ziplock bags.  The big 2.23 kg Black Diamond cheddar blocks were $6 off, just over $20.  So we bought three.  One will be used up in a couple weeks, the other two I put Ry to work grating and filling freezer bags for future use.

He's a pretty willing helper, doing his best to convince me that my life would not be the same without him if we send him to public school in September!

Oh, and these flats of 3 basil pots (for $10) were calling my name near the checkout. Mmmm, basil is one of the scents of summer for me, and they proved irresistible.