Friday, March 14, 2014

Sensory Tools

We designed this weighted blanket using a fabric shower curtain doubled over and sewn into channels.  Using a funnel, Ry and Kia took turns carefully filling each channel with a half cup of white rice.  Then I would sew a horizontal seam across the channels to seal in that little section.
Fill, sew, repeat, all the way to the top.  Like conjoined beanbags.

 Voila, weighted blanket - retail $150 and up.
Then I stitched a simple zippered pillowcase out of flannelette, and anchored ribbons in the inside corners of the pillowcase to tie to the ribbons anchored to the shower curtain, so it wouldn't muddle up inside.
Here's the weighted blanket in action.

 I never used to understand why Ry would back himself into the tiniest little boxy space and seem to enjoy it.  Then I started learning about the autism spectrum and sensory processing difficulties.  Have you heard of Temple Grandin's "squeeze machine" invention? 

That there is my long, lanky boy, getting some downtime in the hard drive compartment of his computer desk!  It seems that Ry had figured out the same thing - using compression to Center himself in his body.  Kinda quirky, but pretty cool that he figured that out!
More sensory tools to be shared in the days and weeks to come, once we take some more photos.