Friday, March 14, 2014

Rearranging Furniture

We replaced a set of couches in our livingroom this week.  Of course that meant things needed to be rearranged a bit.  Thankfully my Ry is available and willing to help me slide heavy things around on a whim.  Like pianos and love seats that need to go up a flight of stairs!
Here's the current placement.  Someday I'd like to get a couple pretty, upholstered side chairs to put in front of the window instead of these kitchen chairs.  I kind of like the no coffee table thing since it gives the kids a bit of play space in the sunshine.
That satin valance?  I'd just like to put out a disclaimer that I did NOT choose it!  It was already in place when we moved in three and a half years ago.  One of these days when I get a burst of free time, I plan to sew its replacement.  Without the swoops!  I'm thinking of a smoky teal linen, what do you think?  
The room is so sunny and bright, and the new sofas soft and squishy.  Just right for an afternoon nap, I'm thinking...