Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mammograms and Doggie Doctors

What a day!  I found out yesterday that my very first mammogram ever was to be scheduled for this morning at 10.  Mostly as a baseline, since I'm 40 now.  Also because I'd found a little lump under the skin, and even though my doc thought it was not important, she made a requisition.  At least I didn't have long to worry about it in advance!  A friend with boys of her own agreed to babysit mine so I could go to the appointment solo.
Then yesterday afternoon our little Domo dog started pooping blood.  Enough to strike fear and trepidation into my heart.  Especially since I'm guilty of feeding him a chicken bone the other day.  Every site I googled said he needed to see a vet, and I couldn't find one still taking patients at 4 pm, other than the emergency animal hospital, which charges a premium.  So we decided to make an appointment for this morning and just monitor him overnight.  
By this morning he was a pretty subdued little fellow and as we were running out the door to get the boys to the babysitter, he was pooping nothing BUT blood.  So I wrapped him in an old wool coat and put a waterproof mattress pad on the seat underneath, and took him with us.  Nothing like your sweet pet pooping blood to take your mind off a mammogram!  I dropped the boys off, sped back for my appointment, leaving him wrapped up in the car.  

Half an hour later after the uncomfortable but uneventful procedure, I had a clean bill of breast health and was on my way to the vet.  Domo hit it right off with the wonderfully calm Columbian doctor, who was crooning to him in Spanish once he found out that Domo came from Mexico.  I made a few executive decisions, declining the blood work and special probiotics for dogs.  (I have human probiotics taking up space in my fridge already that I'm pretty sure will suffice!). 
The treatment we chose was an anti-inflammatory antibiotic to calm down his gut and a bolus of saline solution injected under the skin for dehydration.  The doctor's opinion without X-rays or bloodwork was that he had eaten something that upset his stomach and then the diarrhea aggravated and inflamed everything in there until he was weak and dehydrated.  
He seems quite a bit friskier already, a few hours later.  He only gets a very small amount of bland canned dog food for supper, sprinkled with probiotics.  Hopefully he just keeps on improving.  And I think we have found Domo's new vet!

Domo explores the examination room.  I think he smells ~CAT~!