Saturday, March 22, 2014

Getting Around

I'm so glad we are managing with just one vehicle between us at this point.  No car payment feels pretty good!  For the winter months when biking to work is not an option, J gets a monthly transit pass so our van is available for me and the kids during the day.  That also saves him from paying parking fees at work too.
The other day I took the boys on a fieldtrip at the downtown library.  (More about that cool fieldtrip another time.)  We were there about two and a half hours and when we exited the parkade, the tab was $15!  Ouch!  Since Ry can't wait to go back there, we were brainstorming on how to make the "free" fieldtrip a little cheaper.  
A 90 minute bus fare is now $3.20 and only kids under 5 ride free.  So if I take my 10 yr old, 8 yr old and 2 yr old and spend a couple hours at our destination, it would cost  ($3.20 x 3 people) x 2 ways = $19.20 in bus fare.  Can you even believe that??
BUT (insert drumroll), another frugal homeschooling mama told me about another option.  They are a one vehicle family too, and her husband is in construction, so he needs their truck.  She takes her two boys places like swimming and the library on the bus using this:
Do a search for it at  

So at Safeway the other day, I picked up a couple day passes for our next few family outings to places that charge for parking.  Bring on adventure!