Saturday, March 8, 2014

Essential Oils

When we were in Florida, I was introduced to some of Young Living's essential oils and bought as much as I could afford while we were there.  Now I see they also have a Canadian site.
Some of my favorites are lemon, for scenting the house with a clean and energizing feel.  Cedarwood helps my 10 year old with his chronic trouble falling asleep, since it is alleged to stimulate melatonin production.  Geranium helps with female cycle balance.  Lime is my happy scent!  And on and on.

I found this old spice rack at Goodwill and after a coat of grey paint, I attacked it with a bit of sandpaper for a distressed, vintage look.  My mom reminds me that my grandmother would have been horrified at the idea of distressing something ON PURPOSE, of all things.  Back in my grandmother's day, you covered up things like that!