Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby Steps

I have a dream.  Besides being a nurturing mama and wife and faithful worshiper, I dream of being a marvellous homemaker.  The Sally Stamper of housework, for those who knew her!
Have you heard of Flylady?  Even though I don't follow her housework program daily, I gained so much from her book and website.  You can find her website here  Her beginner step is always to maintain a shiny kitchen sink, and that slowly, cleanness will spread to other parts of your home.  
It seems like I do pretty good for awhile, then get derailed by life's complications and have to build my routines all over again.  So right now we're back to "shine your sink".  I thought it looked pretty good this morning!  May I share?  

And as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm trying to keep my counters cleared off daily too.  It feels so much more calm and organized that way!  Here's the next counter to the sink.

And I splurged on some potted house plants at Home Depot the other day, and a big white doily at Value Village ($1.50).  Begonias and crocheted doilies, does it get more vintage than that?  This tables scape makes me smile because it reminds me of my Granny Sylvia.  

But there's always work in process.  If you turn around in the kitchen, you will see a mess like this.

Because my office/sewing studio presently looks like this, in the middle of its makeover.  

Nowhere to go but up on that room!

I hope to share the After pics within a week or two, cuz it's slow going.  As Flylady says, "Progress, Not Perfection".  Right?